Since the year 2021 we have changed our menu because each year we want to provide to our customer only the best food. This year we have help from the best chef in Estonia RADO MITRO

RADO menu comes from local raw materials under skillful master

For more festive events such as anniversaries and weddings, we will cover the table according to the nature of the event. Many praiseworthy foods are being cooked on the spot. We are ready to cater to all our guests, be it 1 or 100.

In our menu we offer a variety of dishes made from fish living in Estonia. We have also produced various plant based menus.

The kitchen is equipped with a large BBQ oven that allows to prepare for guests a BBQ pig, duck or beef.

In addition, we have a stove for smoking fish, where freshly smoked flounder, perch, tench and garfish are prepared.

From us you will have the experience of a genuine and delicious meal.