At Viirelaid you will receive warm welcome from Priit & Lii with their helpful team. Priit has already arranged all sorts of adventurous events at the Viirelaid for four years. We will always do our very best for our visitors to get the most memorable experience. So that everyone always wants to come back.

Contact with the Republic of Viirelaid

Via e-mail:
(time of arrival – instantaneous)

Via bottle mail:

With northeast wind from Virtsu (time of arrival – with speed at 5-15ms/s, it takes approximately a day or up to a year

Via phonecall:


  • Reg. nr: 14376921
  • A/A: EE067700771004740349 (LHV)
  • Phone: +37254542020
  • Address: VIIRELAID, Kuivastu, 10122 Saare maakond
  • Facebook –

How to get to the island?

  • By swimming
  • With boat
  • With kakuam (a boat)
  • Helicopter
  • With SUP board
  • With a raft
  • By surfing
  • With a horse
  • By skiing

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