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Republic of Viirelaid

That is why we have to work even harder to get our way out there in the world. As we are not supported by the European Union or Estonia, we are managing everything ourselves – 94% of our country’s income comes from tourism, 5% from fishing and 1% from smuggling. And we also have side hustle – we rent our land to the sheep farmer for 106 EUR per year. To help us grow our economy, you could visit us.

You can come by yourself, with your partner or together in a group. Below you will find several options for different occasions.

In summer, we rent the whole island to one company at a time to keep each event private. However, we have several dates each month, when couples or singles can rent rooms and share the island with other guests. We often organise dinner events (see here).
To have complete privacy, you can book your stay in one of the houses above the water. See here.

More about Viirelaid Republic: Our History

We currently have 6 citizens, but who knows, maybe with you, the number will grow. We have incredibly affordable traffic insurance because there are no cars and no traffic accidents on the island (except that one time when our worker accidentally hit a sheep while driving)
If the Republic of Estonia is afraid of its eastern neighbor Russia, then we are afraid of our great eastern neighbor Estonia. We are currently applying to join the United Nations and NATO. We have similar concerns as the Republic of Estonia – we are afraid of a big bear from the east.
Since we have an incomparably smaller army and our army consists of 1 person who has ever tried to get into the military service of the Republic of Estonia but could not get there for health reasons, there is reason to be afraid. Otherwise, we act like any other country – we have our own money, flag and passports.

Write us a request for a visit to info@viirelaid.ee or Facebook www.facebook.com/saarele

We can not wait for you to come here and find out more about our special Island.

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