Winter @Viirelaid 2021

Traveling is difficult this winter, then we thought that we offer an experience on one of the small lonely island of Estonia, Viirelaid.

From February 1, you can come to us over the ice. Whether it’s skating, skiing or just walking. The distance to us is 5 km from the port of Kuivastu.

To make it easier for you then the bags we bring over with the ATV trolley. Upon arrival, we offer you hot tea, coffee and, if desired, a healthier drink.

It is then possible to set yourself up comfortably. However, those who could not get full of their appetite can walk around the island, see if the seals are still present and can also do one orienteering game.

In the evening you can have a sauna and eat with us. We have also stocked up on board games and if you don’t like it then we can put some good movies on the big screen for you.

Room prices start this winter 125.-

The prices of all rooms are also shown below.

However, if you come with a group, you can also close the whole complex just for yourself.

We have also thought about various interesting activities for groups:

  • Mystery of murder
  • Gourmet dinner
  • A night of horror movies
  • Christmas party
  • Co-cooking

Island rent 1250.- * (up to 16in – for a larger group ask for a price offer)

The price includes accommodation, sauna, use of all rooms.

*food, drinks, activities are added to the price

Prices for additional services:

  • Murder mystery for the whole group 600.- (up to 20in)
  • Gourmet dinner 3 courses from Restaurant RADO 39 .- / person
  • Movie night for free
  • Christmas dinner 29 .- / person
  • Co-cooking 100 .- / in
  • Food Studio or Restaurant Ö cooking lesson 100.-/per person
  • Orienteering on the island for free
  • Jaan Tätte’s concert 1000.-

Room prices:

  • Main house room 1, 2, 3 price 165.-
  • Main house room 4 price 195.-
  • Main house rooms 5 and 6 price 125.-
  • MAIN BUILDING SUITE No. 7 and SAUNA SUITE price 245.-

You can watch the rooms HERE